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A B O U T  A I L E E N

Aileen Lawlor grew up in rural New Jersey with five brothers and three sisters. Her experience as one of the youngest in a unique family of musicians and artists fostered her passion for acting, movement, and life. Through her study of drama, circus, flow arts, movement, improv, and object manipulation, Aileen is constantly exploring how to use the body as instrument.


Aileen is active in the Flow Arts & Circus communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has lived her entire adult life. She is a highly sought-after Flow Arts instructor and performer both internationally and domestically, and has led workshops throughout the world.

A nomadic spirit at heart, Aileen loves traveling, teaching, and connecting with other artists. Her travels, the people she meets, and reminders of the ephemeral quality of life act as her ultimate muse to live a life enriched with laughter, memory-making, connection, and dance.

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