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"I have taken a total of 7 lessons and can say with confidence they’ve been totally worth every cent. I had never taken online lessons of any sort before but was inspired to reach out to Aileen after watching various YouTube videos of her spinning, as well as her women’s compilation videos for Linda Farkas, which have all inspired me tremendously to pick up staff. There isn’t much of a flow community where I live so I figured why not take the opportunity to learn from the best and support one of my favorite artists in the process. These weekly lessons have helped me hold myself accountable to diligently putting the time and effort into learning a new prop, while having the opportunity to ask questions and receive helpful feedback along the way. I’d say the lessons are equally as beneficial online as they would be in person, all corrections and instructions are made clear enough there are no physical corrections needed. All in all, I have had a great experience and would highly recommend Aileen and her radiant self if you are wanting to up your staff game." - Meredith, Nevada City

"I have never taken any sort of online lessons...or any lessons for any sort of fire prop at all. My practice seemed like it was plateaued and I wasn't making any progress. I needed someone with more knowledge and experience to guide me but I couldn't find any flow arts near me and so I reached out to Aileen online. She responded quickly and I realized that, with two jobs, online lessons would actually work with my schedule and I didn't even have to leave my house. After my first lesson I was surprised to find new ways of performing maneuvers that I already had in my practice. There was much to learn in each lesson and my learning curve went up with someone actively providing me coaching and feedback. To have the opportunity to receive private lessons from the woman who inspired me to pick up a staff is so worth every cent I paid. Aileen's passion for flow shines through effortlessly and her happy vibrations are always a high point in my day. My practice has become far more productive and structured since I started taking lessons with Aileen. It has made a huge difference for me in finding my flow... Seriously the best grown-up decision I've made in a while."​ - Amanda, Florida

“I’ve been taking online lessons with Aileen for the past 4 months and I’m ecstatic about the progress I've made with her help.  It is apparent that she has skill and experience teaching (which is an entire skill set on top of spinning the staff), and that she is passionate about it as well.  She has gone above and beyond to answer my questions outside of our allotted lesson time, and has taken the time to watch and give feedback on videos I’ve sent of my progress.  She presents new material based on what I've recently learned and what I am drawn to.  I chose Aileen as my teacher because I love her style - elegant and refined, and there is no one else I’d rather learn from." - Kryssi, Colorado

"Aileen Lawlor broke down each and every move I asked about, giving me different angles to approach it with. Watching me, she pin pointed my errors and laid out a plan to practice on. Now, I execute my floor duck-outs with ease, and am gifted with more insight into the contact staff world!

I've recommended her, I'll recommend her again! She's a sweetheart, very easy to talk to, and gives a fun learning environment to the online video world." -Robert, Florida

"I took the opportunity to take a private Skype lesson from contact staff pro Aileen Lawlor. I sent her a short video to review and she was very prepared for the lesson, it was obvious she paid attention to the detail into what she saw. She provided me with a lot of continuous contact exercises that I still use to this day and I am scheduling a follow up lesson with her in the next coming weeks. I respect Aileen as one of the best instructors I've had the honor to learn from, even if only for one lesson. She is an incredible teacher and I would encourage anyone studying contact staff to benefit from her Skype offerings."  -Jandro, Texas

"Teaching staff, or any flow prop, is a difficult task as I have started to teach the new kids in my flow group basic staff moves. Taking an online lesson with Aileen, besides learning some basic and intermediate contact staff tech moves, taught me how to talk to my students and when to show versus just being present during their processing. Aileen is clear and concise with her examples, despite being on a computer screen, and understood what I needed to get the most out of our lesson. And hey... she;s a pretty amazing inspiration in my contact staff spinning... so yeah... I would DEFINITELY utilize her skills and take a lesson from her again!" -Jack, North Carolina

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